Work Injuries

At Access Omnicare we take a comprehensive and highly personalized approach to occupational medicine. As specialists in the field of occupational medicine we take pride in what we do and offer your employees the care they deserve.

All evaluations begin with a thorough history and exam to determine diagnosis, causation, and potential barriers to recovery. Through honest and respectful dialogue we create a therapeutic relationship with our patients. We spend a significant amount of time educating the employee about their injury and the anticipated treatment. We answer relevant questions. These efforts ultimately improve treatment compliance and rate of recovery.

Communicating frequently and clearly with the employer and insurance carrier improves coordination and case management. This approach to managing injury treatment results in optimal medical outcome for the injured worker and the most cost-effective results for the employer.

At Access Omnicare our philosophy of providing treatment based on accepted medical guidelines results in most minor injuries being treated as OSHA non-recordable. If the severity of injury or the demands of regular duty require work restrictions — typically to prevent further injury or avoid creating an unsafe work environment — we partner with employers to find safe and productive alternatives to usual duty. Ultimately, we use a Sports Medicine approach by engaging the patient in an aggressive treatment program with the expectation that the injured worker will actively participate in his or her own recovery.

Our facility offers our providers a broad spectrum of diagnostic and therapeutic options to expedite care and recovery. Our clinic has access to physical therapy, on-site pharmacy, medical supplies, digital X-ray, open MRI, laboratory with drug testing, surgical suite, and a variety of specialists. Using evidence-based treatment guidelines, efficient authorization processes, and the close proximity of these services in one building enables us to conveniently and efficiently manage your employees’ medical treatment.

Navigating the administratively complex world of Workers’ Compensation can be challenging for clinicians who do not specialize in the field of occupational medicine. Our team’s extensive experience facilitates authorization of care to optimize recovery and minimize time lost from work. Our electronic medical record-keeping results in less administrative work for employer and carrier. Effective communication with each of these stakeholders minimizes administrative delays. Our ability to appropriately use multiple on-site treatment resources minimizes the time spent coordinating care and then traveling between physically separate facilities.

Commonly treated work injuries or illnesses

  • Lacerations
  • Sprains and Strains
  • Simple Fractures
  • Repetitive Motion Injuries
  • Foreign Body to the Eye
  • Chemical Exposures
  • Bloodborne Pathogen
  • Infectious Disease Exposures

All referrals for treatment include Evidence Based Causation Analysis and a provider call during or after the initial visit. Providers remain available to employers and carriers for telephonic updates.

Post-accident drug and alcohol testing is available during the initial visit.