Fitness for Duty (FFD)

This type of medical exam is commonly requested by an employer who, based on workplace observations or a decrease in performance, is concerned that due to a medical condition an employee is unable to safely or effectively perform his or her job. The medical condition may be physical or psychological in nature. This medical exam is conducted by an occupational medicine specialist who will review the job description, review specific employer concerns, and conduct a thorough medical interview and examination of the patient.

Following this exam the provider will release the employee to full duty, work with modifications, or rarely state that the employee ought not work until the medical condition in question is adequately addressed. The employer needs to be cognizant of ADAAA regulations especially as they apply to engaging the employee in meaningful dialogue regarding essential job duties and the extent to which work accommodations might allow the employee to continue working. Due to the complex nature of these cases employers are urged to consult a human resources or employment law specialist as part of the fit for duty process.