Our Services

Helping employers provide and maintain a healthy work environment and workforce

Access Omnicare offers a wide range of occupational health services such as post-offer physical exams, drug screening, surveillance testing for OSHA, and many other medical services to support employers and their employees.

Work Injuries

We are committed to providing medically appropriate and compassionate care to the injured worker. Our medical providers understand the importance of communicating with employers on issues of causation, return to work, and administrative barriers to recovery.

Physical Exams

We perform physical exams for new hires such as police, firefighter and manufacturing. In addition we provide re-certification exams for commercial drivers, ERT, HazMat, and respirator clearance. Specialized exams such as Fit for Duty are also available.

Surveillance Testing

Industry-specific components are often added to basic physical exams to address regulatory or safety concerns. Examples include audiograms, spirometry, EKG, treadmills, job-specific physical demands testing, and repetitive motion screening. We also manage exposures to lead, asbestos, or heavy metals.


Vaccinations and antibody testing for health care workers or others exposed to bio-hazards are available at Accesss OmniCare. Examples include Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Measles, Mumps, Rubella, Influenza, and Varicella. We also provide counseling and prescriptions or immunizations for international business or recreational travel.

Drug and Alcohol

Access Omnicare’s state-of-the-art drug testing bathrooms were designed to ensure that DOT-compliant urine drug testing is reliably performed. DOT, Non-DOT, and company-specific drug testing panels, hair collections, and breath alcohol testing are available.

Physical Therapy

Access Omnicare’s Physical Therapy Department treats individuals who have injuries, are post-surgical or have other health-related conditions that limit their ability to perform their usual physical activities.