Frequently Asked Questions

How can I learn more about Access Omnicare?

Please call or e-mail us for information on how to partner with Access Omnicare and/or schedule a clinic tour. We can be reached at 510.585.2545 or through our Contact form.

Are you in my MPN insurance network?

We participate in the majority of all MPN’s.

The complicated world of Medical Provider Networks (MPN) can be confusing for employers trying to identify approved physicians and facilities. In many cases it takes months for insurance websites to update their list of approved providers. In addition, insurance companies sometimes move from one MPN to another.

If you do not find Access Omnicare on your MPN website please call us at 510.585.2549 or submit our Contact form and we will check with the MPN in question to ensure participation. Based on the reputation of our providers, if we are not already in network we are often able to have our facility approved for MPN inclusion.

How do I send an injured worker in for an evaluation and treatment?

  • Option 1: Complete the authorization form available on our Employer Forms page.
  • Option 2: Call Access Omnicare at 510.585.2545 and provide us verbal approval for the employee you are sending in.
  • Option 3: Email your authorization to

With any option you can schedule an appointment or just have the employee “walk in.”
If your employee does not hand-carry a signed authorization form or you have not approved in advance, we will call your office to confirm authorization to evaluate the worker.

If there are any unusual circumstances regarding the history of injury or concerns on your part about the validity of the claim please call the main clinic at 510.585.2545 to discuss with one of our providers or the clinic manager.

For additional information on handling a new injury see our In Case of Injury chart on the Employer Forms page.

Where do I find the forms I will need?

In the Employers section you will find two pages for Employer Forms and Exam Forms.

Do you do drug and alcohol testing?

Access Omnicare offers substance abuse testing programs designed to meet your company’s specific needs. Our clinic has collection facilities specifically designed to discretely and securely perform drug testing, including:

  • Reasonable Suspicion Procedure
  • Random Selection Program
  • DOT vs Non-Dot Testing
  • Urine Drug Screen Collections
  • Hair Collections
  • Breath Alcohol Testing

How do I get drug screen results?

Drug screen results will be emailed to the company contact.

How will I know my employees’ medical condition after injury?

Communication is the cornerstone to efficient treatment and optimal outcomes. During the initial visit our assessment findings and recommendations are clearly communicated to the employee. During or shortly after the initial visit a phone call is made to the designated employer contact to discuss causation and, if determined to be occupational, the treatment plan. We also call the adjuster if they were the referring party.

In addition, at each visit a Work Status Summary is generated through our Electronic Medical Record. Two printed copies are provided to the employee; one for their records and one to submit to their supervisor. This document includes diagnosis, causation (occupational vs. non-occupational), work restrictions (if any), and a summary of the treatment plan including physical therapy and follow-up appointments.

Where do I find the reports or results for my employees?

The employer primary contact will be emailed the patient’s Work Status Report and testing results.

Why would an employee be on work restrictions?

After a work injury some employees are unable to safely perform all their usual job duties. Under these circumstances the provider will prescribe specific work restrictions precluding activity that is ether likely to delay healing or injure the employee further. Restrictions are also occasionally prescribed to prevent the injured worker from performing activities that might create an unsafe work environment for co-workers or the public.

We encourage all employers to be as flexible as possible in identifying and providing employees with work that complies with the prescribed restrictions. Remaining at work, even at a decreased functional capacity, has been demonstrated to promote recovery and minimize long-term disability and the costs associated with poor functional recovery. If you as the employer are unsure whether the modified work you have in mind complies with the prescribed restrictions, you are encouraged to contact the clinic at 510.585.2545 and speak directly to the medical provider treating your employee. The issue can usually be resolved quickly.

Ultimately, the decision to accommodate a restriction or not, and therefore send the employee home, belongs to the employer. If you are unable to accommodate your employee’s restrictions they are considered to be on temporary total disability and your Workers’ Compensation insurance will pay the employee a portion of their usual daily pay after their third day of missed work for the injury. If the claim is accepted by the carrier, and forms are submitted and processed in a timely manner, employees typically receive their first check 2-3 weeks after starting to miss work.

What is an OSHA 300 log?

Employers are required to document significant (more than OSHA first aid) occupational injuries and illnesses, using the OSHA 300 Log. For more information on this regulatory requirement visit the OSHA Injury and Illness Recordkeeping and Reporting Requirements page on the OSHA website.

Who do I call for billing questions?

For billing questions, please contact our office.

How do I update my insurance carrier, company contacts, or protocols?

Please use our Contact form. If you prefer, contact us at 510.585.2549.

Where is Access Omnicare located and what are your hours?

We are located in Central Fremont, one block east of the 880 Interstate and Mowry Ave. interchange:

Farwell Medical Building
Access Omnicare
39180 Farwell Drive
Suite 231
Fremont, CA 94538

Hours: Monday – Friday, 8 am to 7 pm

What should I do if an injury occurs outside of your normal clinic hours?

If an injury occurs at night or on the weekend do your best to determine if the injury is a medical emergency (call 911) or requires immediate treatment in which case transport the employee to the nearest hospital emergency room. Fortunately most injuries are not life- or limb-threatening and do not require emergency care. The employee can be seen at the start of the next business day when we open at 8 AM. We encourage you to call our clinic in advance and leave a message authorizing care. Your injured worker will be seen without an appointment. We will evaluate and treat immediately.

If your employee requires and receives medical care in an emergency room please advise him or her to follow up at Access Omnicare the following business day so we can ensure they are improving and work restrictions were appropriately addressed. We recommend directing employees to our In Case of Injury chart on the Employer Forms page for follow-up care.

What departments do you have in your clinic?

Access Omnicare is a full-service occupational clinic. We have medical providers and physical therapists trained and experienced in Occupational Medicine. Similarly our front and back office staff are trained in providing courteous and efficient care to injured workers and employees coming in for surveillance examinations, physicals or drug testing. We have an in-house pharmacy, phlebotomy, and in-house laboratory for on-site testing. Farwell Medical Building offers easy access to digital x-ray, open MRI, and a variety of specialists. Visit the Services section for a more in-depth description of all our services.

Is Access Omnicare an urgent care clinic?

Our medical staff is trained to treat Workers’ Compensation, Occupational Medicine as well as Urgent Care medical conditions.

Do you have Spanish-speaking staff?

Access Omnicare has Spanish-speaking staff available for your employees. At times we have bilingual interpreters for other languages, and access to a telephonic interpreter service for those occasions when we don’t.

After the first visit, if an interpreter is needed we will arrange this in advance for follow-up visits.

Do you take walk-in patients?

Yes, for work injuries we certainly see patients on a walk-in basis. We also accept walk-in patients for physicals and drug screens.

To optimally manage patient flow and improve the overall patient experience, we prefer to schedule visits for injuries and other exams. However, our policy is to do everything in our power not to turn patients away. If your company supports this approach we can include automatic authorization of the first visit for injury assessment of your employee.

How long will my employees be in the waiting room?

Because we schedule most of our visits, including all follow-up visits and most physicals and surveillance testing, we can usually have minimal wait times. We respect your time and are well aware that it usually represents time away from work or family. In the event our staff falls behind we will provide you with an opportunity to reschedule. Fortunately this rarely happens since we intentionally leave open slots in each provider’s schedule to see walk-in patients without disrupting patient flow.